Angélica Celaya Humbled By ‘Constantine’ Role & Fan Feedback

One of my favorite shows this season is the NBC show Constantine, as Matt Ryan is more than up to the task as the titular demon hunter.

In last week’s episode Constantine (Ryan) described Zed (Angélica Celaya) as a “psychic smorgasbord” (she’s also a more than capable pickpocket) and their uneasy (and effective) pairing are one of the many reasons I’m hooked on the show.

Thankfully, many of the diehard Hellblazer fans (the comic series that Constantine’s based on) are also giving the thumbs up to the show, and Celaya is more than happy with the feedback.

“It’s surreal,” said Celaya. “Going down to Comic-con in San Diego and then up in New York it’s surreal. I’m humbled doing this role and trying to do my best for the lovers out there of Hellblazer and for the new fans that are coming on board.”

CONSTANTINE -- "A Feast of Friends" -- Pictured: Anjelica Celaya as Zed -- (Photo by: Tina Rowden/NBC)
CONSTANTINE — “A Feast of Friends” — Pictured: Anjelica Celaya as Zed — (Photo by: Tina Rowden/NBC)

Angélica Celaya elaborates on the reaction she’s received from fans via social media:

Every week they tell me what they see with my character or the storylines – and they get excited for it. These are people who have been hardcore fans. They live and breathe Constantine and they like my work – they like what we’re doing and they like the whole team. That, to me, is humbling because it’s a little scary and tough to do these kind of roles that have already been written out for years. It’s really, really cool honestly to see the fans’ reactions. That’s what keeps us going.

Constantine, co-starring Charles Halford and Harold Perrineau, airs tonight on NBC (10 pm et/pt).

Constantine - Season 1

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