Andy Fickman Talks Romance Depth Behind ‘One True Loves’

One True Loves, starring Philippa Soo, Luke Bracey, and Simu Liu, hits theaters April 7.


I have enjoyed my share of Andy Fickman features (You Again, The Game Plan, She’s The Man), and that comedic energy and entertaining spirit is found in the new romantic dramady One True Loves. Philipa Soo is the woman who is torn between two lovers (Simu Liu, Luke Bracey), one of who was missing and presumed dead for years. Fickman talked to Deepest Dream about One True Loves and its subtly intricate approach to romance.

Phillipa Soo as “Emma and Simu Liu as “Sam” in the romance/drama/comedy film, ONE TRUE LOVES ,a The Avenue release. Photo courtesy of The Avenue

Emma (Phillipa Soo) found love the second time around with her childhood friend Jesse (Simu Liu). Things get complicated when her husband Jesse (Luke Bracey) returns after being presumed dead several years ago. She understandably has a deep love for both men, and One True Loves’ biggest challenge centers on Emma’s fateful decision between the too.

Taylor Jenkins Reid and husband Alex J. Reid adapted the script from Taylor’s novel . Director Andy Fickman brings his trademark light touch to the proceedings but does not shy away from the story’s darker moments. Watching Jesse and Emma unpack years of emotional scarring and distance is a strong element of the narrative. Though Jesse is placed in limbo with this recent revelation, much of his moments are played to comedic effect.

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Fickman effectively balances the humor and pathos in One True Loves, and he also spotlights romance in all its multi-layered glory. Jesse presents the love of the present, a life filled with a nurturing family and a more domestic existence. Jesse is still all about seeing the world, and that type of love and passion cannot be discounted.

I asked Fickman about showing both sides of love in his feature and if that holds a personal resonance. “We live in my wife’s hometown (Rochester, Minnesota),” said Fickman. “We literally, during the pandemic, left New York, left Los Angeles, and settled here. I grew up in West Texas, in a small town and I so appreciate – my daughter who is in pre-school, is growing up in a small town. That’s right for me. And I think that’s romantic for us. It’s not romantic for everybody. One shouldn’t make the other one right or wrong.”

Here’s my full interview with One True Loves director Andy Fickman:

One True Loves hits theaters April 7, digital April 14, and On Demand April 28.

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