Amy Schumer Finds “Destiny” With ‘Snatched’ Co-Star Goldie Hawn

Amy Schumer - Snatched
Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn star in SNATCHED. Photo Credit: Justina Mintz.


Although Amy Schumer hit it big with the first rate 2015 comedy Trainwreck, she didn’t immediately jump into another movie to capitalize on that film’s success. Refreshingly picky and looking for great material, Schumer is back with Snatched which is not your average comedy.


“Snatched” centers on a woman (Schumer) who, after being dumped by her boyfriend (Randall Park), takes her mother (Goldie Hawn) on a tropical vacation. The pair get kidnapped and, and though the film is filled with comedic moments, it also has its share of action.

“I want it to be a physical experience for the audience,” said Schumer. “I want them to get to watch these two characters that immediately make them laugh and watch them go on this crazy adventure together . . . it is essentially, I think, a lot of people will relate to these two characters. It’s like this is what would happen if you went on a vacation and you were kidnapped and being chased. I want people to really ride the wave of the adventure of it.”

Speaking of riding the wave, Schumer talks about the “destiny” behind her and Goldie Hawn’s collaboration.

Snatched, co-starring Randall Park, hits theaters May 12.

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