“American Idol” Artist Joey Cook Sets Sights On Revamped Album

Joey Cook - American Idol
Joey Cook’s inimitable flair and unmistakable talent will be missed, as she was voted off American Idol on Wednesday night as Rayvon Owen moved on to the top six. Cook, who brought a refreshing country spin to her rendition of “Somebody to Love,” handled her exit with her trademark verve and class.

“I am going to record my album that I have recorded previously but I’m not going to do it on my iPhone,” said the ebullient singer during her backstage exit interview. “I’m going to go into a real studio, with headphones and everything. The real deal. I’m stoked!”

Cook’s American Idol journey has been a fruitful one, as she’s been able to introduce millions to her unique musical stylings and persona:

“It’s validation . . . I’ve been told ‘no’ my whole life. I’ve been told to be normal and stop acting weird and fit in my whole life and this worked . . . I showed so many little kids out there that this okay to do, and it’s okay to be a little bit out there. That in itself is just so beautiful.”

To hear Joey Cook elaborate on her American Idol experience, please click on the Soundcloud bar below:

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