Alana Nichols Explores “Shared Humanity” And Paragliding Adventures With ‘Follow Alana Switzerland’


Travel host, public speaker and producer Alana Nichols’ series Follow Alana has made its debut stateside with Follow Alana Switzerland. The 13-episode series, now available on digital platforms, gives viewers a birds eye view of the wonders and diversity of Switzerland. During her Deepest Dream interview, Nichols talks about why being a role model and creating “change in a positive manner” drives her as a content creator and communicator. 


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Born with a rare form of deafness, Alana Nichols’ journey into becoming a public speaker originated from her passion for communication and her overall extroverted nature. Follow Alana Switzerland shows a host who is willing to take a challenge, thus taking her travelling experiences into new heights (literally). Though I will never paraglide or jump down a tree (even with support!!), it was great to vicariously experience these activities through Nichols’ viewpoint.

Alana Nichols – Follow Alana Switzerland (CR: Simon Wang)

The program also features Nichols interviewing tennis great Roger Federerer and her travels to the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant (in Zurich), and I will order the rest of the season this week (I received several episodes to view before the interview, and not all 13).

Alana Nichols – Follow Alana Switzerland (CR: Simon Wang)

Nichols, raised in Taipei, did not see many people like her hosting shows growing up, and one of the many reasons she is a host and producer comes from showing families that people can (and will) flourish amidst their respective adversities.

“There are so many different ways to make an impact and I found that this was one way that I noticed I could really implement change and I can encourage families in a positive way,” says Nichols. “One of the reasons I started this show was because I did not have one growing up.”

“I did not know a single other person in my childhood who was deaf, who had hearing loss, who was doing these things and sometimes when you talk about disability there is a lot of negative connotations with it,” adds Nichols. “I wanted to see that conversation changed (and) I wanted to see it in a positive light . . . there are many different ways you can make an impact and connect with people.”

Alana Nichols – “Follow Alana Switzerland.” (CR: Simon Wang)

On a personal note, I really enjoy Nichols amiable and inquisitive nature, and that’s a big reason why I’ll be catching the entire season. As an introverted Asian who hides behind words and audio, I also admire her natural ease with the camera. Full Timecode interview breakdown of the interview is also included in the video:

Once you check out Follow Alana Switzerland, hit me up and tell me what you think of the series!!

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