Werner Herzog Documentary ‘Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin’ Hits Blu-ray In November

"Nomad: In The Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin" (Music Box Films)
Director Werner Herzog’s latest documentary Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin hits VOD October 27 and DVD and Blu-ray November 17 via Music Box Films Home Entertainment.

Director Werner Herzog (“Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin,” Music Box Films Home Entertainment)

Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin centers on director Werner Herzog’s longtime friendship with late English travel writer and novelist Bruce Chatwin.

“Chatwin was a writer like no other,” said Herzog. “He would craft mythical tales into voyages of the mind. In this respect, we found out we were kindred spirits: he as a writer, I as a filmmaker,” said Herzog. “In (the documentary), I will follow a similar erratic quest for wild characters, strange dreamers and big ideas about the nature of human existence.”

“Nomad: In The Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin” (Music Box Films)

Bonus features on both versions include “In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin: A Conversation with Werner Herzog and the theatrical trailer.

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