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‘Under The Skin’ Trailer Features A Transformative Scarlett Johansson


UNDER THE SKIN (A24)Scarlett Johansson has starred in such visually arresting films as The Man Who Wasn’t There, The Black Dahliaand Girl With A Pearl Earring, but it’ll be tough to beat the images that spring forth from Under The Skin. Opening April 4 in New York and Los Angeles, the picture is described, at least as the boilerplate summary suggests, as a “masterpiece of existential science fiction that journeys to the heart of what it means to be human, extraterrestrial – or something in between.”

I personally prefer Indiewire’s more direct approach in describing Johansson’s character as a “man eating alien.”

Since it’s directed by Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast), a revered filmmaker who hasn’t released a film feature since 2004’s highly underrated Birth (one of Nicole Kidman’s finest hours on film), Under The Skin comes with high expectations. Check out the trailer below and tell us if it utterly blows you away or, pardon the pun, gets under your skin.

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