The Voice Recap: Shelby Brown a ‘Stars’ in the Making

The Voice - Season 9

The time has come. There’s just a few precious spots left on The Voice for each of the coaches on their teams and by the end of the night we’ll be able to move on from the Blind Auditions to the Battle Rounds. But first, it’s time to finish things out. So let’s get familiar with the latest competitors.

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Amy Vachal -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
THE VOICE — “Blind Auditions” — Pictured: Amy Vachal — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Performances

The first performance of the night is Dustin Christensen, who reveals he would love to be on Team Adam to fully explore his rock and roll side. He sings the Tom Waits favorite “Downtown Train,” and Blake reveals that he thinks he sounds like Neil Diamond. Blake weighs in, closely followed by Gwen and Adam and a few seconds later by Pharrell. Blake turns on the charm and pulls the audience into it with all his “Blake” masks. Dustin goes for the hard sell and picks Blake.

Georgia-born Dustin Monk toured with a pop-punk band, gave it up for a while and took on a job as a barber, but wants to give it another go. He shares his love for soul and blues and makes a perfect choice in his take on Gary Clark Jr.’s “Bright Lights.” The chugging rocker shows off Monk’s soulful chops and Adam turns midway through the performance. The other judges are conflicted and eventually Blake turns late. Adam goes full in, but Blake picks apart all of Adam’s comments. In the end, Dustin chooses Adam because he pushed his button first.

Candy store worker Chase Kerby has a history fronting a band called The City Lives, but has fallen back on the family business. Deciding to give it another go, he signed up for The Voice and shows off some nuance with his cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” His voice is unique enough to get Gwen to turn for him, especially after the song begins to pick up and his range comes into play. Blake looks as though he might turn, but in the end a smiling Gwen wins out. He does state that Gwen is ideally the best coach for Chase in the long run.

Sixteen-year-old vocalist Shelby Brown has dreams of a career in Nashville and she chooses the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals song “Stars” as her audition track. Though sounding strong out of the gate with a voice beyond her age, all of the coaches wait for the booming chorus and when she nails it, it’s a four chair turn. While most would think that Blake is a lock, Adam gives the hard sell that he has one shot and Shelby belongs there. Gwen and Pharrell also make good sells and all the coaches try to shut Blake down. But as a shock to all, Shelby picks Adam. Blessed with a powerhouse and diverse vocal ability along a subtle swagger, Brown is a favorite to win it all.

Amy Vachal is an all around artist, moving to New York after selling a few of her paintings. She’s been gigging around New York and chooses the classic “Dream a Little Dream of Me” as her audition sing. Her lilting touch is welcome, but the first notes when she varies off script is where she really sells it. Blake, Pharrell and Gwen all turn and Blake can audibly be heard asking Amy to pick him during her song. Adam can’t turn because his team is full. Gwen makes a hard sell, while Pharrell asks her what she wants to do. Blake says he knows he’s probably not the guy for her, but offers his humongous praise for her. In the end, the lure of what Pharrell could probably do in helping her create a “hybrid” of music is what lands her.

Blaine Mitchell is a former athlete who devoted himself to music after blowing out his knee. After gigging with his brother, he decided to step out and go for the audition on The Voice. He chooses Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” and it’s clear that he’s a strong vocalist and what the coaches can’t see is that he’s also got some pretty solid stage presence. With one spot left, Blake turns, but so does Gwen. Shelton locks in on playing the same venues and sure enough, it’s an easy sell. Blaine joins Team Blake and with that, Team Blake is full.

21-year-old Summer Schappell has opened for a number of country acts over the years and already recorded her first album. While she’s had doubts about her musical future, she’s looking at The Voice as a breakout opportunity. Sadly, she’s a country girl and Blake has filled his team, but her rendition of the Deana Carter song “Strawberry Wine.” Blake starts urging Gwen and Pharrell and they both get in on Summer. Gwen gives the better sell, while Pharrell admits he’s probably not the obvious choice but felt she deserved the turn. Summer fills out the final spot on Gwen’s Team.

With Pharrell the only coach left to fill his team, he has his pick of the final artists of the night. Ultimately it’s Sydney Rhame and her rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” earns his turn. Sydney’s got a powerful voice that only gets better as the song continues and as soon as Pharrell turns, the other coaches stand up or peer around the corner to see what they’re missing. Pharrell admits that he went through a number of “good” vocalists waiting on her because she was “great.”

So all that’s left is the night’s rankings which you can see below.


8. Summer Schappell, “Strawberry Wine” (Team Gwen)
7. Dustin Monk, “Bright Lights” (Team Adam)
6. Blaine Mitchell, “Drops of Jupiter” (Team Blake)
5. Dustin Christensen, “Downtown Train” (Team Blake)
4. Sydney Rhame, “Photograph” (Team Pharrell)
3. Chase Kerby, “The Scientist” (Team Gwen)
2. Amy Vachal, “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (Team Pharrell)
1. Shelby Brown, “Stars” (Team Adam)

It should be noted that the Tuesday episode of The Voice will be a recap of the Blind Auditions and how each team plays out. The episode airs at 8PM ET / PT on NBC. We’ll be back with our next update when the Battle Rounds begin next Monday at 8PM ET.

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