Alyson Levy and Alissa Nutting Talk Florida, Family Bonds, and ‘Teenage Euthanasia’


Season two of the first rate animated series Teenage Euthanasia debuts today at Midnight (et/pt) and airs the following day on Max. Series creators Alyson Levy and Alissa Nutting talked about Teenage Euthanasia’s genesis and how being bonded with your family is a central theme. Full interview is up on YouTube and our Find Your Film podcast!

Teenage Euthanasia centers on the Fantasy family, an eccentric band of outsiders who work at the Tender Endings Funeral Home. Death is part of the family business. The foursome include matriarch Grandma Baba (Bebe Neuwirth), her grown children Pete (Tim Robinson) and Trophy (Maria Bamford), and introverted and kind granddaguther Euthanasia aka Annie (Jo Firestone).

“It was always set in Florida,” said Alyson Levy, who started working on the concept with Alissa Nutting back in 2016. “It was always set in a funeral home. It always involved a woman who committed suicide (Trophy) and was brought back to life – against her will. We’ve always had those things in place.”

It’s refreshing to watch an animated series with a specific point of view and no hold barred approach to comedy. “Getting to do a show like this, that doesn’t have to cater to broad interests is such a privilege,” said Nutting.

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Check out the season 2 premiere of Teenage Euthanasia at midnight and the following day it’s on MAX!