The Voice Knockout Rounds, Night 3: Mary Sarah, Caity Peters + Bryan Bautista Make Their Cases


It’s time for another week of The Voice Knockout Rounds. Two nights have played out so far with the teams starting to fill for the next round. At this point only Blake Shelton has a steal left and is being choosy on who to add to his team. So let’s get into it with this two-hour edition of The Voice:

First Knockout: Brian Nhira vs. Nate Butler (Team Adam)

The Rehearsals: Brian Nhira is first onstage, and is thrilled to see Miley Cyrus as the advisor, rushing over to give her a big hug. Brian choose Bruno Mars’ “Grenade,” admiring the singer’s ability to be vulnerable in the song and feeling it will connect. After hearing his rehearsal, Adam Levine admits he didn’t know how good Brian could be until just then. He also tells him to focus on the first part of the song. Nate Butler goes with the Al Green classic, “Let’s Stay Together” and the smoothness of his voice shines through. Miley suggests he’s getting caught up in performing the song to a tee and says he could vary off the original. Adam suggests that he have fun and deliver some swagger while performing.

The Performance: Brian kills it in the beginning, with his voice powering through and mirroring the original Bruno Mars track. Meanwhile, he also shows he’s into the song with a bit of showmanship as well. As for Nate, he does offer some variances, but is a little shaky starting off before really finding his groove and commanding the stage by the end. Blake says Brian came out and poured gas on the stage and dropped a match, while Nate was bad ass with his smoothness. Christina Aguilera says Brian’s style is so alive and there was an intensity to his performance, while she was surprised by Nate’s soul and he gave it a nice flow. Pharrell Williams says he loved Nate’s choices, while Brian performance and voice were “on a 10.” Adam says Nate was so good and got the essence of the song, while Brian sang it like it was his song. He says both were incredible, but he feels that Brian was his pick tonight.

Second Knockout: Brittany Kennell vs. Mary Sarah (Team Blake)

The Rehearsals: Mary Sarah is the first out, meeting Miley Cyrus. The choice for the song is the Loretta Lynn classic “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man),” and Miley used to love the song growing up. Miley makes a suggestions to roughen up one part. Meanwhile, Brittany Kennell takes on Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One.” Blake says he can tell that Brittany is taking chances, changing up the song a bit, which is something that could work. Miley suggests cutting back on her vibrato a bit.

The Performances: Mary’s classic sounding voice is the perfect fit for the Loretta Lynn song and she has a playfulness onstage that draws in the viewer. Brittany, meanwhile, as Blake suggested, delivers a performance that varies some off the original. She has some really nice moments within her performance. Christina says she loves Mary’s song and couldn’t find a mistake in it, while Brittany was smooth and did a solid job, but needed more of a punch. Pharrell says he felt that Brittany’s song selection didn’t offer much in terms of showcasing dynamics, while Mary was able to show off more with sass. Adam says Brittany delivered a great, subtle performance and did a lot to make it her own, but feels she got overpowered by Mary.  As for coach Blake, he felt both were performing flawlessly. But Blake loves Mary’s personality along with the voice, and he picks Mary Sarah.

Third Knockout: Bryan Bautista vs. Trey O’Dell (Team Christina)

The Rehearsals: Bryan Bautista picks Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” and decides he wants to bring a reggae flavor to the song. Christina tells him to watch the pitch early on and she also suggests he bring in his falsetto at some point if possible. Trey O’Dell chooses OneRepublic’s “I Live” for his song, and Christina loves his power and the way he executes his runs. Miley suggests starting with a mic stand in the beginning, then pulling out from it.

The Performances: Bryan’s decision to give Bieber’s song a reggae flavor was a wise decision, as it shows him as an artist and differentiates himself in the minds of the coaches and his late song falsetto raises a few eyebrows. Meanwhile Trey delivers a smooth and at times powerful version of his song. Pharrell says Brian entertained with his performance, while Trey was solid but pitchy in parts. Adam says he Bryan range was crazy, but he heard Trey’s nerves as well. Blake says Bryan had more confidence and Bryan would get his vote. Christina loves Bryan’s versatility, while Trey was super clean and super precise. She picks Bryan.

Fourth Knockout: Abby Celso vs. Caity Peters (Team Pharrell)

The Rehearsals: Abby Celso is thrilled to see Miley Cyrus. For her performance she goes with Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl.” Pharrell questions her song choice, but Abby says the song is close to her heart. He feels that she overdid her runs and feels that she needs to scale back. Miley offers a song note in one part as well. Caity Peters chooses Sam Smith’s “Leave Your Lover,” admitting to having a personal attachment to the track as well. She says it also challenges her vocally. Pharrell says it’s been her best performance so far and Miley offers several song suggestions.

The Performances: Abby is first up, and the opening feels a little off, but once she gets to the chorus, her voice powers through and she’s taken the notes given about scaling back on the runs. Meanwhile, Caity adds a lilting airiness to her performance fitting of the Sam Smith track and it feels like a smoother performance. Adam says that Abby has amazing confidence, but she had some dynamics issues, while Caity has a lot of colors to her voice and he gives her his nod. Blake says Caity and Abby both have strong low registers. Christina says Abby was missing a few different textures, while Caity offered more dynamics. Pharrell says there is no denying Abby’s power and confidence, while Caity moved spiritually in the performance. He ends up picking Caity. And with that, Pharrell’s team is full for the next round.

Fifth Knockout: Jessica Crosbie vs. Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam)

The Rehearsals: Jessica Crosbie chooses Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” feeling it’s parallel to her own story. Adam says she was smart to let her growl out just once and to hold onto it for special moments. But Miley says she could use more passion in the feel and could find some moments to show off. Laith Al-Saadi picks Peter Gabriel’s “In My Eyes,” going out of the box a bit. Adam tells him he feels that he should sing the song in the original key and show off the grit of his voice. He says that Laith is performing so effortless that he’s missing some of the emotion.

The Performances: Laith rocks the song with his guitar playing and the power of his vocal shine through. He’s made leaps and bounds above his original rehearsal performance. Jessica voice, meanwhile, shows some grit in places but feels a little too clean for the song. Blake says he felt Jessica sang pretty good, but Laith steamrolled his song. Pharrell says he feels Laith was somewhere between 75-85 percent on his song, while Jessica showed more range in his opinion. Christina says both gave solid performances, but felt that there was some magic missing. Adam says Laith was jumping the gun on song choice and he feels Jessica suffered from the same thing. He feels that moving forward, his best option is Laith.

Montage: The first montage of the Knockout Rounds gives a spotlight to Team Adam’s Caroline Burns who advances based on her performance of Christina Perri’s “Human.” Sadly, we don’t get so much of a note of Katharine Ho‘s performance in the piece. And with that, Adam’s team is full as well.

Sixth Knockout: Joe Maye vs. Kata Hay (Team Christina)

The Rehearsals: Joe Maye takes on The Weeknd’s “Earned It,” but decides to bring a more rock style to it. Christina warns him to watch his notes coming off some of the more growly moments. She also wants to figure out how to bring the energy of the end of the song to the beginning as well. Kata Hay pulls out the sassy Reba McEntire song “Why Haven’t I Heard From You.” Miley says she loves her attitude and feels that Kata would be good for country music.

The Performances: Joe is first up, smoothly delivering the song, pulling out some falsetto and amping up the energy late for a memorable performance. Kata, meanwhile, lets her vocal power and sass take over, commanding the stage. Pharrell is wowed over Joe’s ability to take dramatic shifts within the song, but Kata also lit up the stage. Adam says he was surprised by Kata, feeling that she destroyed tonight. Blake says Kata’s personality fills the room, but Joe was the bigger revelation for him because of the way he delivered the song. Christina says both of them have showmanship. She says Joe’s beginning of the song could use work, but she was electrified by the end of the track, while Kata’s presence just lights up the stage. Christina picks Kata, but Joe isn’t going anywhere, as Blake uses his final steal on him. And Christina and Blake’s teams are now filled out as well.

So, on this final night of The Voice Knockout Rounds, where do the latest performers stand? See our rankings below:

8. Joe Maye (Team Blake)
7. Caroline Burns (Team Adam)
6. Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam)
5. Kata Hay (Team Christina)
4. Brian Nhira (Team Adam)
3. Bryan Bautista (Team Christina)
2. Caity Peters (Team Pharrell)
1. Mary Sarah (Team Blake)

THE VOICE -- Season: 10 -- Pictured: Caity Peters -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
THE VOICE — Season: 10 — Pictured: Caity Peters — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
THE VOICE -- Season: 10 -- Pictured: Mary Sarah -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
THE VOICE — Season: 10 — Pictured: Mary Sarah — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

The Voice returns with a look at the best of the Knockout Rounds leading up to the live shows during a special Tuesday night. Tune in to NBC at 8PM ET/PT.

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