Sullivan Stapleton Goes “Underwater” With ‘Renegades’ Trailer

Renegades - Sullivan Stapleton
Renegades – EuropaCorp
Sullivan Stapleton, star of NBC’s Blindspot, has also starred in his share of features. His next flick Renegades, co-stars J.K. Simmons and was partly shot in Croatia. The film’s trailer and Stapleton audio is featured after the jump:

Directed by Steven Quale (Final Destination 5, Into the Storm), Renegades centers on a team of Navy SEALs (led by Sullivan Stapleton) who discover a treasure of gold at the bottom of the lake. After being detected by the enemy, the soldiers have just 10 hours to complete their mission. The picture is based on an original story written by filmmaker/producer Luc Besson (Lucy).

During the interviews for Blindspot, I asked Stapleton about the ability to travel the world as an actor:

“It’s great to travel the world doing this job. To live in Berlin for a bit and up in Croatia. We finished in Croatia – well I finished in Croatia. It’s a fantastic way to work. We spent most of our time underwater.” – Sullivan Stapleton

For the audio version of Stapleton’s answer, click on the media bar below:

Renegades hits theaters February 3rd, 2017. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!