Shailene Woodley: “I Live My Life With a Lot of Integrity”


With Divergent opening March 21 and The Fault in Our Stars slated for June 6, Shailene Woodley’s career will continue to gain momentum. Already the recipient of accolades from The Descendants and The SpectacularNowWoodley has also carved out a solid fan base thanks to her run on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

During today’s Divergent press conference, a convivial Woodley answered reporters’ questions with refreshing candor, as she talked about how she found a personal connection with Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior, the film’s resolute and courageous protagonist. One of the story’s themes is finding the courage to follow one’s own path and identity in a world that can all be too homogenous in its thinking, and going along with the crowd is a trait that Woodley thankfully doesn’t possess.

“That’s how I relate to her, as well as just being a very strong, empowered woman.” said Woodley, who cites compassion and empathy as two qualities she learned at an early age from her parents. “I feel very strong, and I live my life with a lot of integrity based on what I want from my life and who I am. And I think Tris is similar.”

In the clip below, Woodley elaborates on how she and Tris share some of the same characteristics.

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