‘Satisfaction’ Explores Emotional Journey of Fractured Lovers


Whether it’s an infidelity or a communication breakdown, reconnecting with lovers can be an arduous challenge. That’s the journey Neil Truman (Matt Passmore) and his wife Grace (Stephanie Szostak) encounter with the new USA Network series Satisfaction.

“I think Satisfaction, in this post modern era comes down to a contentment and being at ease with your own identity and your own skin,” said Passmore, who previously starred in TV’s The Glades. “Being satisfied at the place you are in life at any given and the people that you’re with. That’s the whole point, because that is incredibly elusive.”

Neil Truman (Passmore) chases that elusive dream of happines, and part of his journey deals with strengthening his union with Grace. Satisfaction’s strongest asset lies in the chemistry between Passmore and Szostak, as watching their characters experience their own personal struggles is compelling summer viewing. In the clip below, he talks about mining such emotional territory with his co-star.

Satisfaction airs tonight on USA Network (10 pm et/pt).

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