‘Rush’ Star Tom Ellis Brings A Musical Approach To Acting



To play Doctor William Rush in the new USA Network series Rush, actor Tom Ellis uses music to set a tone for the character and his respective surroundings. Ellis grew up playing various instruments, including French horns, drums, and the guitar (his mother was a music teacher and his three sisters are also musically inclined).

“It’s all part of the same thing,” said Ellis on the interrelated disciplines. “Certainly for me (in) being instinctive about what I do. I don’t sit and think too much about stuff, but I just try and tap into something and it plays out musically in my head.”

Check out the video below as Tom Ellis explains how music is an important element to his acting process (he mentions Rush executive producer/writer Jonathan Levine in the clip):

Rush, co-starring Larenz Tate and Sarah Habel airs Thursday nights at 9 pm et/pt (USA Network).