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Mom's Night Out (Sony Affirm, Provident Films)

Whenever a family guy has a hard day at work, he’ll probably go to his local bar, plop down on his favorite stool, and grab a beer. It’s an age old storyline that we’re all used to, but with Mother’s Day upon us, one has to wonder how (or if) moms ever get any kind of extended time to just relax.

Moms’ Night Out features Grey’s Anatomy actress Sarah Drew as Allyson, a loving mother who yearns for dinner with her friends. It’s just for several hours, and her husband (Sean Astin) should do a serviceable enough job looking over the kids, right?

The comedy, which co-stars Patricia Heaton and Trace Adkins, arises from all the crazy events that transpire before Allyson’s eyes. Though laughter will hopefully ensue from such hijinks, part of Allyson’s journey contains a dramatic (and universal) undertone.

L-R: Andrea Logan White, Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton, Sammi Hanratty. Mom's Night Out (Sony Affirm & Provident Films CR: Saeed Adyani)
L-R: Andrea Logan White, Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton, Sammi Hanratty. Mom’s Night Out (Sony Affirm & Provident Films CR: Saeed Adyani)

“It’s so intense, it’s so completely consuming,” said Drew, who’s also a mom. “In terms of emotionally, physically, spiritually. It takes every ounce of you at all times and there are no breaks.”

Mothers are unfairly expected to multi-task and handle their business with pinpoint precision, and in the following audio clip Drew explains why it’s important for moms to take a much needed time out from their all consuming lives.

Moms’ Night Out is now playing in select theaters.

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