‘Resident Evil 3’ (Xbox One) and ‘Spirited Away’ Steelbook Giveaway From Deepest Dream!



I went to my local Best Buy and purchased Resident Evil 3 (Xbox One) and a Spirited Away Steelbook. Both are up for grabs and giveaway details are below!

I purchased an extra copy of Spirited Away to add to my physical media collection (I still haven’t seen the film!). I haven’t played Resident Evil 3 so I can’t vouch for that either, so that was an even blinder buy on my part.

Each weekend I give away two Blu-rays and/or DVDs to members of our CinemAddicts Facebook Group. Once you become a member, please email me (editor@deepestdream.com) to confirm you have joined the group and I will enter you automatically to all of our exclusive group giveaways.

Resident Evil 3 (Xbox One) and Spirited Away Steelbook Giveaway Requirements

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  9. Giveaway sends Sunday, January 24th at 5 pm pt.

Here’s a recent interview I did with Parallel filmmaker Isaac Ezban:

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