‘Raging Fire’ Delivers Explosive Performances From Donnie Yen And Nicholas Tse

Feature, directed by late filmmaker Benny Chan, is now out in theaters via Well Go USA Entertainment.

Every week on the Find Your Film podcast, we review at least three new movies. Raging Fire was praised by fellow co-hosts Bruce Purkey, Eric Holmes, and myself. Headlined by Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse, this adrenaline infused cop actioner is worth a look.

Raging Fire centers on Bong (Donnie Yen), a principled cop whose team is ambushed by a group of criminals led by ex-police officer Ngo (Nicholas Tse). Years ago Ngo and his officers were sent to jail after committing a crime that may have been sanctioned by their boss. Understandably bitter after his release, Ngo is bent on seeking revenge at his wrongdoers, even if innocent people lose their lives along the way.

We review Raging Fire on the Find Your Film podcast at the 44:50 mark:

If you enjoy such films as Infernal Affairs (and by default The Departed), Den of Thieves, and Heat, then Raging Fire should be your cup of tea. Both Yen and Tse bring a welcome level of dramatic gravitas to the proceedings. At the barest minimum, Raging Fire is immersive and action packed escapist fare. Find Your Film co-host Bruce Purkey and I gave high marks to Raging Fire and praised its plot. Eric Holmes also recommends the movie, but he mainly praised the film’s action but felt the story was nothing out of the ordinary.

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What are some of your favorite films from Donnie Yen? If you check out Raging Fire, we would love to hear your thoughts on the movie!

Raging Fire is now out in theaters Well Go USA Entertainment.

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