Preachers of LA’s Pastor Jay Haizlip On Faith: “God Radically Changed Me”


Pastor Jay Haizlip has gained his share of fame for his participation in the docu-series Preachers of L.A., and one would expect that momentum to continue with the August 20 premiere of the show’s second season.

Balancing his life as a family man and as the lead pastor of The Sanctuary in Orange County (Ca.), Haizlip has his share of responsibilities. Still, his life’s mission originates from a spiritual place. “Having God changed my life,” said Haizlip, who’s a former professional skateboarder. “I struggled with addiction and just a lot of setbacks in my life and God radically changed me.”

Even though Haizlip spends his days spreading the word of Jesus Christ, life is not a one sided conversation. I asked Haizlip to talk about colleagues he seeks for advice and comfort, and click on the audio clip below to hear his answer (Pastor Wayne Chaney can also be heard in the background):

Season two of Preachers of L.A., which also features Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson, and Minister Deitrick Haddon, premieres August 20.

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