Mega Man Inspired ‘20XX’ Opens Platforming World With Xbox One Release



One has to give props to a game that, in its press release, directly says it was “inspired by the beloved Mega Man series.” Bottom line is transparency is a good thing, and hopefully that homage leads to a deep adventure with the “roguelike action platformer” 20XX which hits XBox One July 11. Details on the title, which is now out on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, is below!

The title’s momentum began when it was named one of Valve’s Top Early Graduates of 2017, and while the game shows its massive love for the Blue Bomber, 20XX is not a deep dive into nostalgia. Daily ranked challenges, multiple difficulty settings and what one would hope is an expansive terrain for action are all part of the game’s construct.

“20XX is a celebration of classic action-plaforming remixed with modern roguelike design,” said Batterystaple Games founder Chris King, who started work on the game back in 2013. “After a wonderful reception on PC, we’re so excited that console players can finally get their hands on the game.”


Check out the trailer below and tell me what your initial thoughts of the game (it’s a collaboration between Batterystaple Games and Firehose Games). If you’ve already played the game on Steam or consoles, I’d love to hear your thoughts!