Matthew Weiner Talks “Mad Men” Finale On “Larry King Now”

They say all good things must come to an end, and that’s a truism which may cause its share of wistful emotions from Mad Men’s loyal fan base. In an interview on the Emmy Award winning Larry King Now, Matthew Weiner admitted to King that writing the final season was an “emotional experience.”

During the interview, which can be found in the following linkWeiner gave a frank answer on where ad man and perpetually self-tortured womanizer Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is headed on the the show’s final chapter:

“To my satisfaction, I feel like when the show is done, you will have a unique record of an average person’s life. Even though Don’s not average, he’s certainly a dramatic construction and in the tradition of a lot of characters, he’s made up completely, but the uniqueness of the show is that his problems are pretty close to what most of us have experienced and I think that his evolution and his aging and the time that we spent with him from 35 to whatever it’ll be at the end, you will recognize the milestones of a real life, not a super dramatized life.” – Matthew Weiner

Larry King Now - ORA Media, Ph: Clay Pritchard
Larry King Now – ORA Media, Ph: Clay Pritchard

Don’t expect any Mad Men finale spoilers from Weiner, as he simply told King the following: “It’s within the realm of human experience, and that’s all I can say.”

I’m not adding anything new by extolling the creative virtues of Mad Men’s episode “The Suitcase,” which displayed Hamm and Elisabeth Moss at their acting best. Personally I’d love to see Don and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) create their own boutique agency and ride off into the sunset. But odds of that happening, considering the realistic (and often heartbreakingly tragic) tenor of the show, is miniscule.