Luke Bracey And Nina Dobrev Take On Crispin Glover In ‘Lucky Day’ Trailer

Crispin Glover in "Lucky Day." (Lionsgate)
Any film that features River’s Edge and Back to the Future star Crispin Glover in a prominent role has my attention, so Lucky Day is already on my radar. Add Luke Bracey (Point Break) and Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) into this cinematic cocktail and you’ve got yourself a pretty stiff drink!

Luke Bracey, Nina Dobrev, and Ella Ryan Quinn in “Lucky Day.” (Lionsgate)

Lucky Day centers on Red (Luke Bracey) a safe-cracker who’s just released from prison and aims to enjoy his freedom with his wife Chloe (Nina Dobrev) and daughter Beatrice (Ella Ryan Quinn). Luc (Crispin Glover), a contract killer who’s seeking vengeance from his brother’s death, is determined to spoil Red’s civilian life and rain bloody hell on his doorstep.

Oscar winning scribe Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction) has directed his share of stylized features (Killing Zoe, The Rules of Attraction), and it’s great to see him behind the camera once again with Lucky Day. I’ve been waiting for Luke Bracey’s stateside breakthrough after being impressed with his work on The November Man and 2015’s ill-fated but underrated Point Break (it’s impossible to top the original!). Glover, armed with Avary’s snap, crackle and pop dialogue, is bound to steal the show.

Crispin Glover in “Lucky Day.” (Lionsgate)

That being said, Nina Dobrev has the best moment in the trailer, as she pointedly exclaims, “I can’t hear your apology, because I’m deaf now!” As much as I’ve waxed poetic on Bracey, Glover, and Avary, maybe Dobrev is the film’s ace in the hole. Actually, let’s hope everything comes up aces when Lucky Day hits theaters and On Demand October 11 via Lionsgate. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!