Lisa Stansfield Album “Live In Manchester” Slated For September


Grammy-nominated singer Lisa Stansfield burst back onto the music scene with her studio album Seven (and the subsequent remix album Seven+), and now Lisa Stansfield Live in Manchester is scheduled for a September 4 release via earMusic. 

Recorded at Stansfield’s Manchester hometown at Bridgewater Hall on September 7, 2014, the album contains the hit songs “All Around the World” and “Change,” as well as tracks from Seven (“Can’t Dance,” “So Be It”).

The track listing for the 2 CD set, which was mastered at Abbey Road Studios, is below:

CD 1

1. Can’t Dance
2. Set Your Loving Free
3. The Real Thing
4. Stupid Heart
5. Never Never Gonna Give You Up
6. 8-3-1
7. Make Love to Ya
8. Change
9. The Rain
10. Time To Make You Mine
11. Picket Fence


12. What Did I Do to You?
13. People Hold On
14. Someday (I’m Coming Back)
15. Conversation
16. It’s Got to Be Real
17. Live Together
18. So Be It
19. There Goes My Heart
20. Carry On
21. Love Can
22. All Around the World