Kim Hongsun Delivers Bloody Entertaining Fare With ‘Project Wolf Hunting’


Project Wolf Hunting, directed by Kim Hongsun, is the bloodiest film I have seen in my 51 years of existence. That may be a bad thing for many, but thus it’sone of my top films of 2022. The feature’s no holds barred approach to action and storytelling is impressive, and I was excited to ask Hongsun about the method to his madness behind Project Wolf Hunting!

Jung So-Min in Project Wolf Hunting – Well Go USA Entertainment

Violent convicts are being transported from the Philippines to South Korea aboard a cargo freighter named Frontier Wolf. This passage ends up a bloody nightmare as the criminals take over (led by Seo In-guk).

Officers are being killed left and right, and things take an even worse turn when a sinister figure (Choi Guywha) emerges with an unquenchable blood lust!

Project Wolf Hunting – Well Go USA Entertainment

My first question to director Kim Hongsun centered on the film’s liberal use of blood (it’s basically another character in the movie), and thankfully he took that in stride. Hongsun, at the barebones level, is a huge cinephile. That passion surely helped the filmmaker, as Project Wolf Hunting is a highly ambitious feature (tons of speaking parts and visual set ups). 

Check out my interview with Kim Hongsun below:

Project Wolf Hunting is now playing in select theaters in the U.S. and Canada. For more info on Project Wolf Hunting, go to Well Go USA Entertainment. 

Here is our Find Your Film podcast review of Project Wolf Hunting:

Audio version:

Project Wolf Hunting – Well Go USA Entertainment

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