Interview: Astrid S and Ellen Dorrit Petersen Have ‘Three Wishes For Cinderella’

Three Wishes for Cinderella hits Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand on October 18,


Three Wishes for Cinderella, a modern take on one of the world’s most iconic fairy tales, hits DVD, Blu-ray + DVD combo pack, On Demand and Digital on October 18. Scandinavian pop star Astrid S, who plays Cinderella, and Ellen Dorrit Petersen (she is the evil stepmom) talked to Deepest Dream about this Norway set tale.

Three Wishes For Cinderella breathes new life into the classic tale with Cinderella (Astrid S) being in charge of her own destiny. Even though she is saddled with a cruel stepmon (Ellen Dorrit Petersen), Cinderella is determined to make the best of it. The arctic winter of Norway is center stage in this visually lush feature directed by Cecilie A. Mosli.

Ellen Dorrit Petersen and Astrid S. in Three Wishes for Cinderella (Shout! Studios)

“She is really in control of her own happiness and destiny,” said Astrid S. “And she makes choices actively to make the life she wants. To find true love, she stands up for herself and she’s really active, if that makes sense, throughout the movie.”

I asked Ellen Dorrit Petersen about how she found her way in playing the humanity behind the morally bankrupt stepmother. “I found the backstory of suffering from loss and not handling it very well,” said Petersen. “Projecting her ambitions on her daughters and use all cruel means to achieve what she wants. And also discovering, as I was thinking more about people who are like this that they have this sight of them where they actually enjoy it. So I was trying to add that and use it as a little spoice in the character.”

Cengiz Al and Astrid S in Three Wishes for Cinderella

During the interview, I also asked Astrid S about the joy of performing in front of a crowd. I am a fan of the critically acclaimed thriller The Innocents, so I asked Ellen Dorrit Petersen about that feature as well (that movie co-stars her daughter Rakel Lenora Fløttum.

Audio version of my interviews with Astrid S and Ellen Dorrit Petersen, along with director Cecilie A. Moslie, are featured on the CinemAddics podcast:

THREE WISHES FOR CINDERELLA will be available on Digital, On-Demand, Blu-Ray and DVD on October 18.

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