Justin Hartley On How ‘This Is Us’ Has Impacted His Life

THIS IS US -- "The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World " -- Pictured: (l-r) Justin Hartley as Kevin, Sterling K. Brown as Randall -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)


Justin Hartley and the ensemble of This Is Us have received their share of acclaim. But aside for the critical praise, loyal fan support, and series’ overall success (it’s been renewed for a second season), the program has also made an impact on Hartley’s personal life. Check out the video below to hear Hartley talk about how This Is Us has helped him “slow down” and appreciate life on a deeper level.

NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS — NBCUniversal Press Tour, January 2017 — NBC’s “This is Us” Session — Pictured: Justin Hartley — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

“Even though you’re there and you’re working and you’re doing the scenes, it still is a story,” says Hartley. “And when you watch the finished product . . . it definitely has slowed me down a little bit. It has made me appreciate the moments – this sounds so cheesy –  but it does make you appreciate the tiny, little, fine, tender moments in life.”

Justin Hartley’s full answer is below, and he actually gives a concrete example on how his behavior has slightly altered thanks to his journey on This Is Us.

This Is Us airs Tuesday evenings on NBC (9 pm et/pt).

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