Interview: Jang Hyuk Talks ‘The Killer,’ Shooting Action Scenes, And Love For ‘Rocky’

Co-starring Lee Seoyoung, The Killer is now playing in select theaters.


Now playing in select theaters, The Killer centers on a retired hitman named Ui Gang (The Swordsman’s Jang Hyuk) whose girlfriend is vacationing with her friend at Jeju Island. He agrees to take her of Yoon-ji (, the 17-year-old daughter of his girlfriend’s traveling companion. During the next three weeks, Ui Gang ends up protecting the teenager from a multitude of shady characters. Jang Hyuk talked to Deepest Dream about his new film and cited why The Godfather and Rocky are among his favorite films.

The action thriller, which is based on a Korean web-novel, is definitely filled with its share of visceral driven sequences. Adding more depth to the narrative is solid performances from Jang Hyuk and Lee Seoyoung.

The Killer was an absolutely piece of solid entertainment, and if you are an action enthusiast, it’s worth catching on the big screen (the action choreography is top notch). During the talk, Hyuk cited The Swordsman and the mini-series Chuno (aka The Slave Huners) as among his favorite projects on his resume.

Check out the audio version of my interview with Jang Hyuk:

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