Icelandic Glacial Hits Comic Con With Refreshing ‘Dr. Who’ Sighting

Icelandic Glacial
Icelandic Glacial
I haven’t tried Icelandic Glacial, but apparently it made a big splace as the water sponsor at Comic Con  weekend’s TV Guide Yacht Party (TV Guide Magazine were celebrating their five-year anniversary). The water brand also provided liquid respite to various FOX sponsored events (speaker panels, artists signings) and the Costume Designers Guide.

Icelandic Glacial promotes itself as water that provides a “clean, fresh taste” and an “uncommonly high and naturally occurring alkaline pH level of 8.4.”

Since I’m grabbing a sausage breakfast burrito as soon as I finish this post, my health knowledge of alkaline levels is absolutely nil, but having Dr. Who’s Peter Capaldi holding a bottle definitely peaks my interest:

Peter Capaldi - Icelandic Glacial
Peter Capaldi – Icelandic Glacial

I’m also a Sherlock enthusiast, so having D.I. Lestrade (aka Rupert Graves) in the building getting hydrated was also a cool Comic Con sighting:

Rupert Graves - Icelandic Glacial
Rupert Graves – Icelandic Glacial

For more info on Icelandic Glacial, please check out its official site.