Habbo Avatars NFT Collection Sells Out In 26 Hours

The Habbo Avatars have now been revealed and are currently up for auction on Opensea!


Sulake has announced that the Habbo Avatars collection sold out within 26 hours through the public Dutch Auction. An estimated 2500 collectors purchased over 10,000 randomly generated NFTs of the Habbo avatars. If you want to check these NFTs out, go to Opensea.


The purchases of the Habbo Avatars NFT collection were made before the actual Avatars were released, which proves that its projects are in high demand. Habbo, which touts over 300 million videogame (and one would assume crypto assets) enthusiasts in its community, is also ensuring that its NFTs are environmentally sound.


Sulake and Azerion’s partnership with Offsetra enables 200% of the carbon emissions produced in minting will be offset through various environmental programs which include Bull Run Forest Carbon and Agrocortex REDD Project. Sulake is part of the ecosystem of the digital media platform Azerion.

“We are extremely pleased with the success of our Habbo Avatars project and the support that we’ve seen from the community so far. This is truly a nostalgic product, and despite being 21+ years old and one of the original metaverses, the Habbo community is still a very large, passionate and active community throughout the world,” said Valtteri Karu, CEO of Sulake. “So rich is this sense of nostalgia that the Habbo Avatars themselves were not revealed to their new owners upon purchase until October 5th. It’s really been the driving force behind this train, and it’s exciting to see how excited people are about this next step in our evolution.”

What are your thoughts on the Habbo Avatars NFT collection? Have you invested in an actual non-fungible token?

I’ve poured some of my money into NBA Top Shot, but have not downloaded a Metamask wallet or paid for an NFT with ETH (aka Ethereum) simply due to my fears of exorbitant gas fees . That said, I really love these Habbo NFTs and want to hear from people who have dipped their feet into this collection!

To purchase a Habbo Avatar, head over to OpenSea! As of this post, here is the lowest bid on one of the NFTs (currently .44 of ETH = $1516):

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