Anderson Cowan & his "Groupers' actors Peter Mayer-Klepchik and Cameron Duckett. (Credit:

‘Groupers’ Movie Premiere Hits Hollywood’s Chinese Theatres On June 2


Anderson Cowan’s feature directing debut Groupers, the story of a female grad student’s “controversial social experiment” on two homophobic high-school seniors, will have its premiere at Los Angeles’ TCL Chinese Theatres on Saturday, June 2. Details on how to attend the premiere is below!

As a longtime friend of Anderson’s, I’ve been a first hand witness to his all consuming passion for film and filmmaking. Having read the script to Groupers (and as you can see from the trailer), the feature is a total button pusher (you may either love it or hate it, but at least you’ll have a strong reaction). Whether you’ve come across his stuff on The After Disaster, The Film Vault, or even our program CinemAddicts, you’re also well aware of Anderson’s no holds barred candor and deep seated sentiment for humanity (hopefully these elements are front and center w/ Groupers).

From the outside looking in, I also love Anderson’s decision to take Groupers on the road in various cities to show his film, and it’s a model that should work thanks to his years of generating a sizable platform in the podcasting universe. I am pulling for him since he’s a close friend, but on a completely movie lover tip I’m eager to see what he has to offer with his first feature.

Tickets for Groupers are $30 if you purchase a ticket online (for more info, go to, and it’ll be $40 at the door. I’ll be there as well on Saturday cheering my good buddy on, and tbh I also want a great night at the movies. If you’re a film geek who also wants to experience a really cool community (hopefully I’ll bump into a few CinemAddicts listeners as well) – give Groupers a shot!! 

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