Find Your Film Reviews ‘Greenland,’ ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’ And ‘Moxie’

On the latest episode of Find Your Film we review the new Netflix feature Moxie, the Shudder release Dogs Don’t Wear Pants, and the Gerard Butler disaster feature Greenland! Take a listen to our podcast and give us your reactions to these movies!

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The biggest surprise for me was Greenland’s effectiveness as a narrative. Director Ric Roman Waugh focuses more on the human relationships rather than the special effects or action driven moments that can ultimately make or break a disaster feature.

All three of us recently watched The Poseidon Adventure, another blockbuster type movie that placed human interaction before the efects, and it seems that Waugh may have been inspired by Ronald Neame’s hit film. Bruce and I also flipped over the feature Dogs Don’t Wear Pants, a dark comedy/drama about a dominatrix (Krista Kosonen) who has a profound impact on a detached surgeon (Pekka Strang).

Bruce really enjoyed the new Netflix feature Moxie, and the Amy Poehler directed teen comedy is definitely on my to watch list this weekend. Other movies covered include 13: Tzameti, The Guilty and Dream Demon!

Moxie. Nico Hiraga as Seth, Amy Poehler as Lisa/Director/Producer, Hadley Robinson as Vivian in Moxie. Cr Colleen Hayes/NETFLIX © 2020

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Find Your Film Episode Breakdown

3:00 – Eric reflects on a Geostorm story with an ex-girlfriend.
4:02 – Eric gives us the state of the state on the Entertainmart Giveaway – winners were Jeff Bassin and Chad Wilfong
5:00 – Has anyone seen Days of Heaven? That was Bassin’s pick – and he got it for just $7!
7:45 – Our review of Greenland.
9:20 – “For what it is, it’s pretty damn good.” – Bruce Purkey
10:40 – Eric talks about the family who are the center of Greenland. Holmes credits the film for being more intelligent than he originally perceived it to be.
14:54 – Did Ric Roman Waugh put an extra message behind Greenland?
17:02 – Eric did not care if the Garritys survived in Greenland (he, however, gives the son a pass!).
23:06 – We review Dogs Don’t Wear Pants which is streaming on Shudder.
34:00 – Bruce reviews the Netflix film Moxie.
39:30 – Another recommend from Bruce is Spontaneous.
40:45 – Eric recommends The Guilty.
50:12 – Eric Holmes recommends 13: Tzameti and says if u see that film, don’t bother checking out the American remake version 13 (Eric calls it “pointless”).
53:20 – We go off on a tangent and talk about Chan Wook Park’s movies.
56:20 – Bruce reviews, for his What’s in the Box segment, Dream Demon. Thank you Jezpur Quinn for the recommendation!
62:57 – For next week’s “What’s in the Box” segment, Bruce will be reviewing Somewhere, a picture directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Stephen Dorff & Elle Fanning.
66:00 – Bruce Purkey’s pick for our next Direcrtor’s spotlight is Holy Moters and The Lovers on the Bridge.

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