Ekta Jaju Talks ‘Five’ Experience With ‘ONganic Foods’ And Prioritizing Impact Over Profits


Ekta Jaju, CEO and founder of ONganic Foods, is one of the people spotlighted in the documentary film series Five. The project focuses on five women from five different countries who created companies to empower people. As Jaju stated in our interview, her main drive in creating ONganic Foods was to make an impact in the world. 

Entrepreneur Ekta Jaju in a scene from ONGANIC FOODS

Ekta Jaju’s passion for organic farming led to the creation of ONGanic Foods, and one of the company’s visions is to increase the livelhood of farmers (according to Jaju’s Linkedin profile, ONganic’s goal is to double the farmers’ incomes by 2025).

“Impact was always more important,” said Jaju. “I am directly engaged in working with communities so that is something that has always been ingrained. Profit is important for business to be sustainable because unless you are sustainable, you will not grow. You will not scale and your impact will always remain small.”

That growth, at its heart, should be felt by many. “That bottom line of making huge profits which just benefits a few, I think that doesn’t excite me enough to be able to do what I’m doing,” added Jaju. “If you can create prosperity for many, I think that would be exciting. Prosperity is important, but for all.”

Entrepreneur Ekta Jaju and Director Lisa Madison on set for ONganic Foods.

For more information on how to watch Five (the series is commissioned by Mastercard), check out its official site or go to ShortsTV.

Video Breakdown:

0:00 – Intro
1:26 – “Impact was always more important” – Ekta Jaju
2:58 – On what she finds endearing about the farming community.
5:13 – Even with the long work hours, Jaju explains why “me time” is essential to her life.
6:09 – On seeing herself from an external perspective with Five.
7:34 – Ekta says an important facet of being a leader is to be a “strong leader.” At the end of the interview, I give a brief shout out to the lovely publicist, Rachel Falikoff, who scheduled the interview!


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