Find Your Film 110: Alaskan Nets, Cow, Metal Lords And Mattie Do’s Movies


On the latest episode of Find Your Film, we cover several new films that are worth checking out. One is streaming on Netflix (Metal Lords) and there are two documentaries which might be worth a look (Cow, Alaskan Nets). Plus, co-host Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey delve into the work of filmmaker Mattie Do (The Long Walk, Chanthaly, Dearest Sister). Check out the video and audio version of Find Your Film below.

As a huge basketball fan, I was looking forward to Alaskan Nets, a documentary which won the Audience Choice Award at the 36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Direced by Jeff Harasimowicz and executive produced by Chris Pratt, the documentary centers on the high school basketball team of Metlakatla (it’s Alaska’s last remaining native reserve).

In Metlakatla, fishing and basketball are the two big passions. The documentary spends a healthy amount of time following the journey of cousins DJ King and Danny Marsden as they try to bring the first state championship to Metlakatla since 1984. Both co-host Bruce Purkey and I highly recommend this documentary (I gave it 5/5 stars and Bruce gave it a 4/5). The documentary is now available on Demand and for more info go to its Official Facebook Page.

Our review of Alaskan Nets comes at the 41:21 mark:

Now streaming on Netflix, Metal Lords centers on Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and Kevin (Jaeden Marell), best friends and metalheads who are focudsed on winning the upcoming Battle of the Bands. Isis Hainsworth is their classmate Emily who plays a mean cello and could round out their band. While Kevin warms up to the idea, Hunter is not too receptive, and this causes a rift in their friendship. All three of us enjoyed Metal Lords (we gave it 3.5 stars). Would love to hear what you think of the film!

Our review of Metal Lords starts at 35:01:

Now available On Demand and hitting Blu-ray May 10, Midnight is a South Korean thriller that centers on a serial killer’s (Squid Game’s Wi Ha-Jun) attempts to murder a deaf woman named Kyung-mi (Ki-Joo Jin) and her mother (Gil Hae-yeon). The picture, which mainly takes place during one evening, is a tightly wound thriller that comes with a surprisingly unexpected twist and memorable ending. As a huge thriller fan, Midnight was definintely up my alley (I gave it 4.5 stars, Bruce rated it 3.5 stars). Eric was not a big Midnight fan and he gave it two stars.

Our Midnight Review is at the 16:38 mark:

After being blown away by filmmaker Mattie Do’s The Long Walk, Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey purchased the Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray and had Do on the podcast for a three hour plus conversation/hang out. I’ll be posting all that goodness on our YouTube channel in the coming days, but in this podcast Bruce and Eric discuss Do’s other films Chanthaly and Dearest Sister.

Mattie Do’s movies reviewed at the 49:32 mark:

COW – IFC Films

Directed by Andrea Arnold, the documentary Cow is now out in theaters and available On Demand. Bruce and I praised the film but Eric simply “hated” the feature. The movie’s moniker says it all; if you are interested in seeing the up close and personal life of of a cow, then this movie should be for you. Others like Eric will see this movie as a waste of time. I was totally immersed in Cow and hopefully more people will give this documentary a shot.

Cow is covered at the 25:15 mark on YouTube:

Would love to hear your reactions on any of these films!

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