DVD Review: Brea Grant Takes On Mysterious Stalker In First Rate Thriller ‘Lucky’

The DVD features commentary from Grant, who wrote the script, and director Natasha Kermani.

Although thrillers are a dime a dozen, I unapologetically eat up most of these movies sans compunction. Lucky, directed by Natasha Kermani and starring Brea Grant, is a standout in this genre space. Feature is now out on DVD (along with Digital HD and VOD). This DVD is worth a purchase just for its commentary track (with Kermani and Grant) . . .

Brea Grant is May, a self-help author who is being stacked by a masked man who may be out to killer her. Even with this threat literally in front of her, May is finding hardly any support from her loved ones and friends. Ultimately it’s May’s job to tackle her fears and see if she can survive this ordeal in one piece.

Though Lucky does have its share of requisite (and necessary) thriller elements, Natasha Kermani and Grant (who penned the script) craft a surreal tale about gaslighting and perseverance. The narrative’s refreshingly ambigious ending also sticks the landing. With just a 15 day shoot and and an indie budget, Kermani delivered, against all odds, an effective and at times darkly comic thriller.

Check out my previous interview with Kermani during its Shudder release:

The commentary track with Kermani and Grant is definitely value added. If you’re a cinephile or are interesting in the filmmaking process, Kermani delves into Lucky’s changing color palette and shot selection. There is also a funny exchange where they attempt to differentiate CSI and NCIS (Lucky co-star Yasmine Al-Bustami landed a part in NCIS: Hawai’i). Both of them mix their insightful takes on filmmaking with a healthy does of humor, so this track is definitely worth checking out.

Find Your Film co-host Bruce Purkey and I have vastly different takes on Lucky during our March episode (review starts at 28:51). Also apologies to listeners, as I do mispronounce Brea’s (fyi it’s bree-ah not bray-ah) during the talk:

If you have seen Lucky or are planning to view the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the movie. Email me at editor@deepestdram.com or leave a comment below regarding Lucky!

This parking garage sequence is the most cinematic part of “Lucky” and needless to say this sequence really pops!
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