DVD Pick: Home Invasion (Jason Patric, Natasha Henstridge)


Now out on DVD via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Home Invasion is a thriller headlined by Natasha Henstridge and Jason Patric. Both actors elevate the material beyond its B-movie trappings, and if you’re a fan of their respective body of work, Home Invasion offers a solid 88 minutes of entertainment.


Chloe (Natasha Henstridge, who also is one of the film’s producers) is a frustrated housewife who lives in a wealthy neighborhood with her stepson (Liam Dickinson). Her husband is always traveling and, considering he’s hardly ever home, it’s safe to assume Chloe’s marriage is on the rocks.Their seemingly tranquil suburban existence is temporarily shattered when a trio of robbers invade their domicile, looking for a priceless treasure that’s hidden by Chloe’s husband. Jason Patric is Mike, a security systems specialist who serves as Chloe’s eyes throughout the mansion, giving her a slight advantage over the thieves.

While I’ll watch  Henstridge (Species, TV’s Eli Stone) and Patric (Sleepers, Geronimo) in any film they do (and they both do fine work in the film) , Home Invasion’s biggest surprise comes from Scott Adkins, who plays Heflin, the malevolent leader of the outfit. Adkins brings a believable menace to the role. Kyra Zagorsky is Heflin’s most trusted companion and lover, a cold-blooded killer who’s more than willing to do his dirty work.

As much as I love the film’s crisp 88 minutes, a bit more backstory dealing with the thieves, or even Chloe’s family dynamic would have been welcome. On the plus side, the movie has a MacGuffin, and it’s a plot device that, in my opinion, is always welcome.

Though Home Invasion may not reach the creative heights of movies that live within the genre (such as Funny Games and Panic Room), it’s still an entertaining watch. Give it a look if you’re a fan of Henstridge and Patric, and after watching the DVD I’ll also be looking up future projects from Adkins and Zagorsky.

Home Invasion (88 minutes, PG-13, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) is now available on DVD.


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