Director Bridget Smith Discusses “Truth And Grit” Behind ‘Sno Babies’

Katie Kelly in 'Sno Babies.' (Better Noise Films)


Directed by Bridget Smith, Sno Babies delivers a realistic look at Kristen (Katie Kelly) and Hannah (Paola Andino), high school best friends with college on their horizon. Both teenagers are addicted to drugs, and their struggles are chronicled in the feature. Smith talked to us about her filmmaking approach to Sno Babies.

Katie Kelly and Paola Andino in ‘Sno Babies’ (Better Noise Films)

With solid performances from Katie Kelly and Paola Andino, along with an uncompromising script from screenwriter Michael Walsh, Sno Babies is not a predictable movie about addiction. Director Bridget Smith met with a multitude of familes, and she wanted to honor the people who helped bring authenticity to the story.

“We all thought about it as a movement from day one,” said Smith, who heads up Philly Born Productions. “To bring awareness. To start a conversation and keep the conversation going and do some good and save some lives. That was our approach from the beginning.”

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The feature, along with its soundtrack, raises money for The Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI), a national organization that supports services for people in early “recovery from substance use disorders.”


“Teaming up with Allen Kovac and Better Noise was just a dream come true because that’s his mission as well and Nikki Sixx,” said Smith. “We’ve got strong powerhouses behind us with the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation. It’s getting all the people with the same cause and they’re all supporting this film. I can’t ask for more than that.”

Take a listen to the Sno Babies soundtrack which features songs from Sixx: A.M., Badwolves, HELLYEAH, and Cory Marks.

Sno Babies is now available on Digital and On Demand.