Daniel Radcliffe Is Struggling To Survive In Bolivia With ‘Jungle’ Trailer

Jungle - Momentum Pictures
One of the films I’m looking forward to in October is Jungle, the latest flick from Wolf Creek director Greg McLean. Daniel Radcliffe is the headliner in this survivalist adventure that’s based on a true story, and this may be Radcliffe’s most physical demanding role to date.


Jungle - Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has taken his share of interesting projects since his Harry Potter days (Horns and Swiss Army Man come to mind), and Jungle features the actor as Yossi Ghinsberg, a man who survived the Bolivian jungle and lived to write about it. The project is based on Ghinsberg’s book Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival and the trailer shows Radcliffe struggling to survive in this dangerous environment. As co-star Thomas Kretschmann (he plays Yossi’s tour guide) points out, man is the cancer within the wilds of the jungle.

Jungle - Momentum Pictures


As much as I love Radcliffe as an actor, my biggest hope for Jungle succeeding lies in the hands of the director. Though McLean is best known for his Wolf Creek horror/thriller installments, it’s his work in the 2007 guilty pleasure Rogue (Radha Mitchell and Michael Vartan vs. a man eating crocodile!!) that makes me believe Jungle will be one of McLean’s best works. The director was great at ramping up the tension in Rogue and it’s great to see his passion w/ the man vs. nature theme still holds a decade later. Although I appreciated McLean’s stab at the supernatural thriller genre last year in The Darkness, that movie was too uneven for me to highly recommend like his previous work, so I’m excited to see him return to form with Jungle.

Jungle - Momentum Pictures

Check out the trailer and leave us a comment on if you think Jungle, which hits theaters, Digital HD and On Demand October 20,  is going to knock it out of the park!!


Hopefully either me or Anderson (or both of us) will catch Jungle in the coming weeks and we’ll report our findings stat!!! Also if you haven’t check out September’s installment of CinemAddicts, take a listen below!!!