Daniel Diemer On The “Heart” Behind ‘Supercell’s’ Storytelling

The movie co-stars Skeet Ulrich, Alec Baldwin and Anne Heche.


Supercell centers on William Brody (Daniel Diemer), a teenager who strives to learn more about his late father. William’s mom (Anne Heche) is against that idea, since his father was a legendary storm-chaser who died doing the very thing he loves. Diemer, who previously starred in the Netflix feature The Half of It, talked to Deepest Dream about working with Heche and director Jamie Winterstern. He also talks about the “heart” behind the movie’s approach.

Daniel Diemer and Skeet Ulrich in Supercell (Saban Films)

“So much of Supercell comes in the sense of relationship and the sense of loss,” said Daniel Diemer. “I’m not sure what your own personal experience of loss is, but for me I have had certain family members or friends pass. Where you just kind of lose them in the process of life and moving around and people changing. So I think that was the biggest thing – taking a look at this kid who was just really hungry to learn about his father at a really young age . . . centering around this feeling of loss and trying to gain it back. Obviously, it’s impossible, you can’t replace somebody that was such an important part and piece of your life.”

That said, William Brody learns about his father through other people, including his dad’s best friend Roy (Skeet Ulrich). Alec Baldwin co-stars as the money hungry storm chaser who took over Brody business, and Jordine Kristine Seamón is William’s classmate and potential love interest. “(Supercell) is just a really earnest and honest attempt to understand where he comes from personally, what his dad was like, but also really this attempt to understand his mother as well.

Daniel Diemer and Anne Heche in “Supercell” (Saban Films)

Diemer also describes working with Anne Heche (“there’s so much heart in who she was’) in the interview, and he also elaborated on what makes Jamie Winterstern a unique director. Check out the full interview with Diemer below on YouTube or via the Find Your Film podcast:

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