‘Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields’ Trailer Explores Price Of Fame


The documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields displays the rapid rise of Brooke Shields as a child actress. The project’s moniker, “Pretty Baby,” is taken from the Louis Malle directed feature which starred her, Keith Carradine, and Susan Sarandon. Directed by Lana Wilson (Taylor Swift: Miss Americana), Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields examines how the overwhelming adulation and unwarranted sexualization affected the actress.

Brooke Shields’ career started at 11 months old, and she was just 12 when she shot Pretty Baby. Ultimately becoming a face of the eighties thanks to movie hits (The Blue Lagoon, Endless Love) and her work with Calvin Klein jean ads, Shields was on center stage as a youth.

Drew Barrymore and Laura Linney are among the actresses featured in the trailer giving their thoughts on Shields, and it will be great to see Shields give a candid account of her life.

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields streams on Hulu starting Monday, April 3. Let us know if this project is on your “to watch” list!