Daily Video: Austen Kroll Talks Beer Company Journey With ‘Southern Charm’

Austen Kroll & Craig Conover (Deepest Dream Video Screenshot)
If you’ve been watching this season of Southern Charm, you know that Austen Kroll is starting his own beer company. During the NBC Universal Summer Press Day, I asked Kroll about the origins of his beer passions. Video is posted below.

NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS — 2018 Summer Press Day — Pictured: (l-r) Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, “Southern Charm” on Bravo — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal)

“It was a passion of mine prior to moving to Charleston,” said Austen Kroll who joined Southern Charm in its fourth season. “And then I did move to Charleston (and) I was working for a brewery. Then I left that job and worked for another brewery. It didn’t take me that long to realize I didn’t want to push someone else’s products. I want to push my own products. So that is what I’ve begun to do. So this show gives me the opportunity to have a bigger platform so that’s definitely a plus for sure, I’d say.”

Check out the video version of Kroll’s response below (Craig Conover also throws in a brief comment as well):

Southern Charm airs Thursday evenings on Bravo (9 pm et/pt).


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