‘Combat Obscura’ Documentary Takes A Bird’s Eye Look At Afghan War

"Combat Osbsura" (CR: Oscilloscope Laboratories)
The documentary Combat Osbscura takes viewers into life in the Marine Corps from a distinct point of view. Eighteen-year-old Miles Lagoze, a recent high school graduate, enlisted in the Maries and served as his unit’s official videographer during his deployment to Afghanistan. Running at 70 minutes, the documentary had its premiere at 2018 True / False Film Festival.


“Combat Obscura” (CR: Oscilloscope Laboratories)

As the official videographer, Miles Lagoze (dubbed as “Combat Camera”) shot and edited footage for the Corps’ recruiting and to document its various historical initiatives. Upon his discharge, Lagoze took all of the footage he and his fellow cameramen shot and assembled this documentary that was not officially sanctioned by the Marine Corps. The trailer suggests a documentary that contains a bit of gallows humor amidst the deadly conflicts.

Oscilloscope Laboratories will release Combat Obscura in select theaters (including New York and Los Angeles) and VOD on March 15. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

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