CinemAddicts Ep. 93: “Stormboy,” “Apollo 11,” “Diane,” “Us” And . . . Patreon??

Morgana Davies & Geoffrey Rush in "Storm Boy." (Good Deed Entertainment).
It’s big episode for us on CinemAddicts, as Anderson Cowan and I discuss our decision to go Patreon with our podcast. The good news is that we will still be posting a show once per month, but subscribers to our $5 tier will get a ton of valuable extras. Details on Episode 93 and Patreon are below!

Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin 1969 Courtesy of NEON CNN FILMS

This episode is a meaty one, as Anderson gives a state of the state on Groupers and gives great advice for indie filmmakers when it comes to festival submissions (it’s around 5:26 of the pod). He also gives a minority opinion regarding Us (14:30), as he simply disliked the flick! We also teamed up for a review of Dragged Across Concrete (19:56) and also talked about the critically acclaimed feature The Mustang (36:00). Anderson’s favorite movie this year (thus far) is Apollo 11, and he discusses it at the 40:31 mark.

At the 44:20 mark, Anderson begins the segment which deals with our Patreon page ( Check out the page for details – we’re three years into the program and our initial goal is to reach 100 patrons. The perks are pretty solid (bonus episode, spoiler discussions, Criterion and Warner Archive Blu-rays from my collection), and the cost will be $5.

For members of our CinemAddicts Facebook Page and Group, things are changing regarding the weekly giveaways. 90% of the Blu-rays and DVDs were review copies from my collection, and now that contest will be rolled onto our Patreon platform. Each week, I’ll be giving a Blu-ray or DVD to a random Patreon Member, and that doesn’t include the Criterion and Warner Archive disc I will give away on our Bonus episode. Basically, six Patreon members per month will win my discs. And here’s the rub – the weekly Blu-ray or DVD I’m giving away will be a new (or relatively recent) title!

For Facebook Page members who don’t join Patreon, I will still conduct giveaways on the Facebook page, but they will be less frequent (right now, maybe once or twice a month) and focus more on movie items or memorabilia. If it is a Blu-ray or DVD giveaway, the product will come directly from the Studio, so that may be a once or twice a month kind of thing.

Members of our Facebook Group will continue get the chance to receive a Blu-ray or DVD per week my me, but they will mainly be older DVD or Blu-ray titles from my collection. I love being part of the Group movie talk and I selfishly get a ton of knowledge from the fellow members, so I want to keep that alive for as long as possible.

If you have any questions, email us at Whether you support us on Patreon, subscribe to our podcast, or are part of our Facebook community (or maybe do all three!), thanks so much for the continued encouragement!

Geoffrey Rush in “Storm Boy” (Good Deed Entertainment)

Here’s a couple of last minute movie recommendations if you’re looking to see something this weekend:

If you’re into family fare, Storm Boy should do the trick. The Australian film centers on Michael Kingley (Geoffrey Rush), a retired businessman whose son-in-law is about to pass a deal that will harm the environment (but assumedly make them a big profit). As Michael recounts his past to his teenage granddaughter (Morgana Davies), we learn that as a child (Finn Little) he raised three orphaned pelicans. Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad) is Michael’s loner dad, with Walkabout actor David Gulpilil playing a kindhearted and solitary stranger who enters their lives.

The good news with Storm Boy is that it stays away from sappiness and delivers an immersive account of Michael’s one of a kind journey. I was pleasantly surprised with the film, which I give 4 out of 5 stars. My Storm Boy review starts at 55:51.

Mary Kay Place as “Diane” in Kent Jones’ Diane. Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films release

One film that I’ll remember come awards season (or maybe forever?) is Diane (review starts 1:02:38), an incisive and surprisingly gripping drama directed by Kent Jones (Hitchcock/Truffaut). The story of a middle-aged woman (Mary Kay Place) dealing with her drug addicted son as well as being a caring spirit for others was not appealing to me in the slightest. To be fair, the first 15-20 minutes of this 95 minute, wherein we are introduced to Diane’s daily routines, led me to believe my assertions were right. The movie gradually got under my skin (in a good way), and Jones’ deft handling of naturalist and surrealistic touches were absolutely on point. The final moment, while open to interpretation, is proof that Jones does not want to insult the audience with some gift wrapped conclusion. This is a quietly devastating work of art, and Mary Kay Place delivers one of this year’s finest performances.

Other films spotlighted on this episode include JT Leroy, Hail Satan?, and The Curse of La Llorona. Again, thank you for the three plus years of support of CinemAddicts – if we don’t get to 100 patrons and crash and burn as a podcast, it was all worth it! But for now, let’s keep on building our CinemAddicts universe no matter what it takes!!

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