Brian Cox Discusses Jean Arthur Films ‘The More The Merrier’ And ‘Easy Living’

Jean Arthur Screenshot: Criterion Channel
Brian Cox made the rounds yesterday to promote his upcoming mystery/thriller Last Moment of Clarity, and during our interview he expressed his appreciation for Jean Arthur, an actress whose work has recently been spotlighted on The Criterion Channel.
Jean Arthur in The More The Merrier (Credit: The Criterion Channel)

Brian Cox (Succession) mentions the Jean Arthur films The More The Merrier and Easy Living in the video, and he has only accolades for this one of a kind actress (towards the end of the clip he describes her as “pheonomenal”). The More The Merrier is available on The Criterion Channel and Easy Living is available via a cursory search on YouTube.

“I’ve just been watching this amazing season of Jean Arthur films on Criterion and they are absolutely fantastic because she truly was kind of underrated.” said Cox. “I think she’s sensational. She’s a brilliant comedienne. She’s soulful. It’s great to catch up with (Arthur’s work).”

Though I profess to be a cinephile, I’ve only seen the features Shane and Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, and those features were consumed during my teen years. Hopefully I’ll find the time to dive into more of Arthur’s films while they are up on The Criterion Channel.

Brian Cox in “Last Moment of Clarity” (Lionsgate)

Cox’s next film, Last Moment of Clarity, hits DVD, Digital, and On Demand May 19 via Lionsgate. Co-starring Zach Avery, Carly Chaikin, and Samara Weaving, the mystery/thriller definitely won me over (I loved the ending as well as its Hitchcockian flair). More coverage of that film is coming soon.

Joel McRae & Jean Arthur – “The More The Merrier” (The Criterion Channel)

What are some of your favorite Jean Arthur films? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts (I definitely need a few Arthur recommendations!!).

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