Box Office Smash ‘Skinamarink’ Hits Shudder February 2


To date, the atmospheric chiller Skinamarink has amassed over $1.8 million domestically. The reason why it’s a box office smash is because it cost $15,000 to make! The feature is easily one of this year’s top hits, and it exclusively streams on Shudder come February 2. Check out our CinemAddicts review of the feature below!

I have way too many movies on my plate, so unfortunately Skinamarink will have to wait. CinemAddicts co-hosts Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes have seen Skinamarink. Although both gave the movie high marks since it appealed to their aesthetic, they acknowledge that the feature may be an acquired taste. Its current rating of 43% (audience) and 72% (critics) on Rotten Tomatoes displays the wide variety of reactions.

Still from Skinamarink. Photo Credit: Shudder

Bruce added that I’ll probably dislike the flick, and Eric added that if I liked David Lynch’s Inland Empire, then Skinamarink should be my cup of tea.

The feature is currently in theaters and you can buy tickets on its website or wait for its February 2nd streaming debut on Shudder.

Let us know in the comments if Skinamarink was a worthwhile watch!

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