Blu-Ray Review: Ice Soldiers Is A Satisfying Snow Bound Thriller


Ice Soldiers (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 95 minutes, Rated R) features Prison Break’sDominic Purcell as Dr. Andrew Malraux, a guy whose search for three Russian super soldiers goes beyond scientific interests.

Over fifty years ago, these trio of fighters massacred a group of scientists in the Canadian arctic, and their killing spree will continue unless Malraux saves the day. Michael Ironside (Total Recall, The Machinist), is Colonel Trump, a military man who, along with several soldiers, provides security for the base camp. Camille Sullivan co-stars as an oil executive who is using the search for her company’s own business interests, and Adam Beach (Flags of our Fathers) is a Cree trapper who helps Malraux battle it out with the soldiers.

Although Ice Soldiers, from the surface, has all the trappings of a B-movie, it’s beautifully shot by director Sturla Gunnarson, and his filming of the snow bound exteriors are quite captivating. The action sequences, most notably Purcell’s climactic showdown with the lead soldier, are also solidly executed. Fans of Michael Ironside will also be treated to the reliable character throw out the movie’s best line when Colonel Trump looks out into the Arctic and reflectively remarks, “Hell of a place to die.”

Try checking out Ice Soldierson Blu-ray, as some of the visual sequences in this action flick are definitely eye-catching (Purcell nearly freezing to death amidst the white capped mountains is a particular highlight). As a guilt free B-movie, Ice Soldiers kept me entertained for an hour and a half, and my only complaint is there are no special features to speak of on the Blu-ray. There are several trailers (Oldboy, Cold Comes The Night, Bad Country) featured on the previews section of the disc, but that’s just a scant offering for a film that deserved at least a featurette on the making of the movie.

To watch a clip from Ice Soldiers, which is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, check out the video below: