‘Behind The Lens’ Captures Intricacies Of Filmmaking Process


Hosted (and spearheaded) by Debbie Lynn Elias, Behind The Lens is a new program that aims to shed a brighter light on the intricate process of filmmaking. Editors, cinematographers, production designers, and directors will be spotlighted on Elias’ show, which runs live on AdrenalineRadio.com every Monday morning (11:00 a.m. pt).

Actor/comic Chad Miller and I were the guests for this week’s inaugural show, which focused on the making of Into The WoodsMy participation on Behind The Lens is a purely selfish one, as Elias’ passion for film is, from my perspective, unmatched.  

Behind The Lens – Hosted & Produced by Debbie Lynn Elias (MovieSharkDeblore.com).


An extensive roster of journalists, critics, actors, and filmmakers will serve as in-studio (or call-in) guests for the program, so variety and tons of content will be two of the show’s staples.

You can check out the Podcast version of Behind The Lens’ on Debbie Lynn Elias’ own site, MovieSharkDeblore.com. To catch the video version of Behind The Lens, check out the video below:

I’ll be one of the guests on the January 12 installment of Behind The Lens and plan to stick my nose in Adrenaline Radio’s studio for more BTL shows (if I’m welcome, of course!).

Discourse with informative and entertaining colleagues is always a pleasure (which means I’m in Elias and Miller’s debt), so please tune in to the show – especially if you want to take a longer walk into filmmaking’s always expanding universe.