Anna Kerrigan And Jillian Bell Talk ‘Cowboys’ And Deliver A “Clue” On Their Favorite Films

Feature, now out in virtual cinemas and VOD, co-stars Steve Zahn and Sasha Knight.

Now playing in Virtual Cinemas and available on VOD, Cowboys centers on Troy (Steve Zahn), a well meaning but mentally ill father who kidnaps his transgender son Troy (Sasha Knight). Jillian Bell plays the understandably concerned mother Sally. I absolutely loved this movie’s subtle storytelling and performances, and I asked filmmaker Anna Kerrigan about the key to shooting a visually stunning movie with a limited budget.
Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to get some running advice from Bell (Brittany Runs A Marathon), now is your chance! Interview with Kerrigan and Bell is below!

Cowboys – Steve Zahn & Jillian Bell (Samuel Goldwyn Films)

Director/writer Anna Kerrigan’s lifelong passion for Montana is witnessed by the beautiful landscapes in Cowboys, and she also delivers a nuanced story of a family that are simply trying to do what’s right (even though Sally and Troy have highly approaches in how to raise their transgender son Joe).

Check out my interview with Kerrigan and Bell as they discuss their favorite films, working with talented actor Sasha Knight, and why Montana is a value added location when shooting a movie. You can also listen to the audio version of the interview on CinemAddicts via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or whatever podcatcher you utilize!!

Video Interview Breakdown:

0:00 – Intro
2:02 – Anna Kerrigan on casting Sasha Knight & Jillian Bell on working with Knight.
6:10 – Jillian Bell on what attracted her to Cowboys.
8:02 – Anna Kerrigan on how Montana delivered organic production value to her limited budget film.
10:20 – Movie picks: Jillian Bell loves “Clue” and Anna Kerrigan digs “Toni Erdmann”
13:03Care Bear Stare running advice that Jillian Bell learned from a Marathon runner expert!

I also reviewed (and praised) Cowboys on the latest episode of Find Your Film:

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