Anna Kendrick Talks “The Last Five Years” & “Horrifying” Audition

Opening Friday in select theaters and On Demand, The Last Five Years is a musical which centers on the rocky five year relationship between a talented novelist (Jeremy Jordan) and actress (Anna Kendrick). Richard LaGravenese,  who previously helmed Beautiful Creatures and P.S. I Love You, directs.

The music was created by Tony Award winning composer Jason Robert Brown, and although Kendrick is a huge fan of Brown’s material, she came to The Last Five Years with relatively fresh eyes:

“I saw Parade when I was 13 and it was and remains my favorite musical. But miraculously. . . I didn’t know this music which I think is fantastic because I didn’t have the burden of trying to unlearn someone else’s performance which, if I were to do Parade, would be a massive undertaking. That worked out really beautifully for me.”

TLdPosterDuring The Last Five Years press conference, Anna Kendrick humorously recalls a horrific audition that still leaves her in “cold sweats.”

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