Anna Kendrick Talks “The Last Five Years” & “Horrifying” Audition

Opening Friday in select theaters and On Demand, The Last Five Years is a musical which centers on the rocky five year relationship between a talented novelist (Jeremy Jordan) and actress (Anna Kendrick). Richard LaGravenese,  who previously helmed Beautiful Creatures and P.S. I Love You, directs.

The music was created by Tony Award winning composer Jason Robert Brown, and although Kendrick is a huge fan of Brown’s material, she came to The Last Five Years with relatively fresh eyes:

“I saw Parade when I was 13 and it was and remains my favorite musical. But miraculously. . . I didn’t know this music which I think is fantastic because I didn’t have the burden of trying to unlearn someone else’s performance which, if I were to do Parade, would be a massive undertaking. That worked out really beautifully for me.”

TLdPosterDuring The Last Five Years press conference, Anna Kendrick humorously recalls a horrific audition that still leaves her in “cold sweats.”

‘The Last Five Years’ Trailer Gets Musical With Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick’s musical talents are on full display with Pitch Perfect and the upcoming Into the Woods, and with director Richard LaGravenese’s “The Last Five Years,” she’s singing a few notes about love and marriage.

Based on the Jason Robert Brown musical, The Last Five Years centers on the up and down romance between a Jewish novelist (Jeremy Jordan) and a struggling actress (Anna Kendrick). Shot in just 21 days in New York City, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, the film is told almost entirely through song.

LaGravenese, who sees The Last Five Years as this generation’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, previously directed Beautiful Creatures, P.S. I Love You and Freedom Writers. He’s also a credited screenwriter for the upcoming WWII feature Unbroken and penned the HBO movie Behind the Candelabra.

The Last Five Years hits theaters and VOD on February 13.