Amy Winehouse Sings Happy Birthday In ‘Amy’ Clip



Director Asif Kapadia’s (Senna) documentary Amy spotlights the life of six time Grammy winning singer Amy Winehouse, but instead of a group of talking heads telling her story, the project travels down a more personal route, as witnessed by this latest clip from the project.

Amy features previously unheard songs and archival footage from the late artist, whose seamless fusion of jazz, R&B, soul, and pop transformed her into one of music’s most iconic figures. Though she passed at the age of 27, Winehouse left a transcendent legacy that should influence singers for generations to come.

Even at the tender age of 14, Winehouse knew how to belt a tune. Witness her rendition of “Happy Birthday” below:

Amy opens in New York and Los Angeles Friday, July 3 with a nationwide rollout stated for July 10.

Amy Winehouse

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