‘Without Ward’ Interview: Cory Cataldo and James Duval Explore “Outside of the Box” Storytelling


If you know a thing or two about James Duval (The Doom Generation, Donnie Darko), then indie filmmaking is probably your bag. Without Ward writer/director Cory Cataldo found a kindred spirit in Duval, and their pair talked to Deepest Dream about their eccentric and memorable “new” feature.

James Duval and Carole Ruggier star in the Sci-fi Romantic film WITHOUT WARD

Without Ward, originally shot in 2012, has finally been released today via On Demand (I purchased my copy via iTunes). Set in the near future, the narrative centers on a family (James Duval is the partriarch) who, like everyone else in the world, are on house arrest and have their lives controlled by government officials. The stellar cast includes Mad Men’s Michael Gladis, Lost’s Harold Perrineau, Marguerite Moreau (Monuments), Alexis Dziena, and Martin Landau (who passed in 2017).

Microsoft Word – Without Ward Photo Captions – Director Cory Cataldo with actors James Duval, Harold Perrineau and Carson Higgins, on the set of the film WITHOUT WARD

“Cory was a big fan of The Doom Generation and Gregg Araki’s films in general.” said Duval. “Most certainly that motivated me into working with him. His sensibilities are outside of the box. I think I’ve always looked for things outside of the box. The only thing that’s been difficult for me over the years is when you work with Araki and you want to work with someone like that – there’s only one Araki. Instead, it’s more of a search for filmmakers who are working outside of the box and doing something different. But it’s coming from a very genuine and honest place – and that’s what Cory and I had in common.”

James Duval and Marguerite Moreau star in the Sci-fi Romantic film WITHOUT WARD

It was the proverbial “long and winding road” to get this movie finally released, but now that Without Ward is out into the universe, its exploration of connection (or the lack thereof) is evergreen.

Check out the audio version of my interview with Without Ward’s Cory Cataldo and James Duval on the CinemAddicts Podcast:

“I wrote this 12 years ago, I shot this 10 years ago,” said Cataldo. “I had health problems. They’re in a house because I had been bedridden and sick and I was actually suicidal. I was really worried about social media and at that point where MySpace was taking us. I didn’t know that people would be stuck in a house but I did feel there would be a problem with connection and disconnection . . . I just kind of let my mind look at where that would go. I actually made the movie in hopes to connect with people.”

Check out the video version of my interview with Without Ward collaborators Cory Cataldo and James Duval:

Without Ward is now out on Digital and On Demand.

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